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Towbox V1


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A versatile and exceptionally practical towbar luggage carrier designed to transport luggage, animals, prams and really anything. It is mounted by a hand lever with mechanical attachment to a standard towbar device on your vehicle, while preserving a much more refined driving experience with no aerodynamic resistance, disturbing sounds and increase in fuel consumption that are common when using the roof box.


Towbox V1 is an intuitive solution and a practical way to comfortably and safely transport your tools, luggage or baby pram. Unlike conventional roof boxes, the TowBox is much more economical as due to it position at the back of a vehicle it does not allow for  aerodynamic air resistance to affect fuel consuption.

The ride itself is also much more cultivated, without disturbing sounds caused by this air resistance. The top side opening of the lid with double locking allows the easiest possible access to the luggage. Access to the back door (to the trunk of the car) is not a problem either, as the Towbox is equipped with a convenient 3-point sliding and folding mechanism.

A robust shell is made of a polyethylene with extremely high resistance to impacts, scratches and corrosion. The device includes height-adjustable maneuvering wheels, 2 lid locks (spare key) with a plastic protective cover, and of course there is also an integrated lock to safegueard the box on the vehicle´s towbar. The Towbox requires initial assembly, but this is rather intuitive and straigtforward and takes no more than 20 minutes.

Everything needed for operation is included in the package. The towbox is manufactured and homologated in the EU as a luggage carrier device, ready for use with no additional registration for MOT or other technical inspection required.

Unladen weight 26 Kg

Payload 50 Kg

280 liters

108.5 x 58.5 x 57 cm

110 x 66 x 63 cm


  • Volume – 280 litres
  • Payload – 50 Kg (Check your vehicle’s user manual to calculate the payload)
  • Weight – 26 Kg
  • Dimensions (lenght/width/height) – 1085 x 640 x 755
  • Pull-out and folding mechanism – 3 positions
  • Includes folding, height adjustable wheels.
  • Super fast installation of the carrier on the towbar
  • 2 x lid locking + towbar locking
  • Electric instalation wiring (13 pin), including 13/7 pin adapter
  • EU Homologation – e13*74/483*2007/15
  • Made in Spain


There are several types of luggage racks, whether it is a roof box (for different types of roof bars depending on the vehicle model) or a rear luggage box with a tow ball mount, such as the TowBox.

As an importer and distributor, we strongly recommend the TowBox as a practical and stylish rear luggage box for mounting on standard towing equipment, also for the following reasons:
1) It is aerodynamic. The position of the box in the leeward direction of the moving vehicle does not affect consumption and offers greater comfort and refined driving without disturbing sounds from the outside.
2) Made in Spain. TowBox is produced exclusively in Spain (Valencia and Zaragoza) and sold in 60 countries on five continents.
3) Increase the capacity of the luggage compartment. There is no reason not to bring everything you need to the dough.

The towbar luggage box is a stylish and practical solution for transporting your belongings in the back of the car. You get extra storage space without affecting travel comfort. The TowBox is securely positioned on the tow ball of the car. And when not in use, it can be easily folded and stored in the garage or utility room thanks to the integrated maneuvering wheels.

There are more advantages compared to a roof box. In principle, however, it is about the comfort offered, whether it is easy access to luggage, or a more refined ride without disturbing sounds from the outside. The position of the box in the leeward direction of the moving vehicle does not affect the consumption of the vehicle, which is likely to be appreciated by every driver, but most definitely vacationers on longer routes. The versatility of using the Towbox is really great, and both offered versions offer the interested party unlimited possibilities of use, and all this in a stylish aesthetic design.

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